Friends in the City: 5 Fun Ways to Make New Friends in a New City

The average person in America moves 11.4 times in their life. Whether you’ve moved more times or fewer times, that’s still a lot of relocating.

Everyone knows that moving to a new place can be difficult – especially when it comes to making friends in a new city.

5 Ways to Make New Friends in a New City

Get Out and About with Your Dog

Walking your furry friend in the neighborhood provides a casual opportunity to interact with neighbors. Meet people on a walk around the block or head over to the dog park and connect to other dog owners. Take a ball or frisbee along, too, and have an outing with your pooch.

Walking your dog gives people a reason to stop and chat with you. Naturally, other curious dogs will drag their owners over to say hello. The odds are good that you will meet some fellow dog lovers.

Download an App

Many people find it a challenge to meet new friends, but most people are afraid to talk about it.

Try using an app designed for forging friendships. Whether you’re looking for a new best friend or someone to discuss hobbies with, you’ll discover that there are others who want to connect with people who share similar interests.

There are many apps dedicated to this, helping you connect with potential new friends. Download an app before you move, and you can make connections from the get-go.

Take a Class

Places like park districts and YMCAs offer unique classes that you might find interesting. Consider taking a class in painting, cooking, pottery, or something else you like. Chances are there will be others taking that class who are like-minded.


Volunteer for a charity or cause that matters to you. Your effort helps others and is a great opportunity to meet people with similar interests, values, and passions. Often, doing something good for others, like volunteering, makes you feel more confident and more apt to be social and make new friends.

Volunteer opportunities such as coaching, giving time to a cultural event, or helping at a food pantry can help you meet new people in your community.

Get in Shape

When considering which gym to join, consider yourself to be signing up for friends as well. Sharing the common interest of exercising with someone, you’ll immediately have something to talk about right off the bat.

And that yoga class you didn’t want to take alone? All it takes is talking to one person in your class, and you could strike up a friendship. Other classes like Zumba, Barre, Cross Fit, and others provide the perfect social circumstances to chat.

Moving On Isn’t Easy, But Moving Out Can Be

Focus on how to make friends in a new city, and let professional household movers take care of relocating for you. From long distance to international moving, MEYER Household Movers can tackle it all.

When you have your moving situation under control, you can start to think about building your life in a new place instead of worrying about what will happen on moving day.