clothes packed in a wardrobe box

How to Pack Clothes for Moving: The Ultimate Guide

Do you have a big move coming up? Do you need some tips for packing? Are you trying to learn how to pack clothes for moving? Here is a guide on packing clothes.


One challenge when moving is figuring out how to move your clothes in your closets and drawers from one home to another.

How can you pack your clothes while minimizing wrinkles and making sure they stay clean and organized when moving?

Keep reading for tips on how to pack clothes simply and effectively for moving.

1. Pick Which Clothes You Want to Take

When was the last time you sorted out your clothes and got rid of what you don’t wear anymore?

Now is the right time to do it. You’ll have to go over all your clothes anyway, so take this opportunity to clear out your wardrobe and either sell or donate items that never see the light of day anymore.

Don’t waste space by bringing clothes that you don’t wear anymore. This way, you’ll end up with a light load of clothes that is easy to organize.

2. Choose the Right Type of Packing

Some people are tempted to use the garbage bag over the hanging clothes hack. But—not so fast!

Some movers don’t want their clients to use this method for moving day. Consult with your movers and decide with them which type of packing is appropriate for your clothes.

Wardrobe Boxes

These tall boxes come with a hanging rack inside so that you can hang your clothes and keep them clean and wrinkle-free during the moving process. A bit more expensive than a regular moving box, they are designed to get the job done right.

Unpacking a wardrobe box is a snap since you can place the hanging clothes directly from the box to the closet.

Dresser Drawers

Sometimes leaving clothes in dresser drawers is an acceptable way to transport clothing. It depends on the moving company’s judgment as well as the size, weight, and stability of the dresser.

When it’s possible to move with the clothing in the drawers of the dresser, the dresser itself should be wrapped with stretch wrap so that the drawers don’t come open during transport. Then the furniture should be wrapped in moving blankets for added protection. Secure those blankets with tape.

Medium Boxes

If you and your mover determine the clothing should be placed in moving boxes, use medium-sized boxes for the task.

Line the bottom of the medium-sized box with packing paper, then put your folded clothes inside. Pack the same way you want to unpack. Group your clothes as you would in your dresser using packing paper between layers so that you know where the contents of one drawer end and where another begins.

Once your box is packed, place several sheets of packing paper on top, then tape it shut. Label the boxes on each side, indicating the contents and room destination at the new house.

3. Organize Clothes by Category

If you have already packed other rooms, you know how important it is to have everything organized—your clothes are no different!

There are many ways you can do this—by season, by material, by size, by family member. Pick whichever makes more sense in your case, and remember to label every single box you pack.

How to Pack Clothes for Moving: Keep It Organized

No matter what you’re packing, the rule of thumb when it comes to moving to a new home is to be as organized as possible. Use the right boxes, only pack what’s necessary, and label everything.

If you’d like the help of professional movers to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible, make sure to request a quote today!