How to Pack a TV for Moving: A Step-By-Step Guide

Your TV is your window to the world of entertainment. Sure, you could stream that show on your laptop, but the tinny speakers and small screen hurt the experience.

If you have a large flat-screen TV, you probably spent a good amount of money on it. And, if you’re moving, you are probably looking for tips on the right way to pack it up.

So—let’s talk about how to pack your investment, so it’s well protected and arrives at your destination in one piece.

Step 1: Prepare the TV

If your screen is mounted on the wall, carefully remove it. Or, if it has its own stand, that stand probably comes apart with a little elbow grease.

Unplug all the wires from the TV and have a friend help you lay it gently on the ground, with the screen facing up. Detach the base (if you can) and wrap up all the wires using a twist-tie and masking tape to label which wire goes to what.

Then, clean your TV screen with an LED-screen cleaner and a microfiber cloth. This will keep it in pristine condition while you move.

Once those accessories are packed up, move on to step two.

Step 2: Find the Original Box

If you still have the original box, that’s great! Get it out and tape up the edges again, just in case the tape got brittle with age.

Then place your TV in the box, keeping it upright. Hopefully, you retained the packing foam with the original box. If not, get pieces of foam, packing peanuts, or even a carefully folded moving blanket to pad the front and the back of the TV while it’s in the box.

Most damage when moving comes from in-move shifting, and that will keep this from happening.

If you don’t still have the box, call your local electronics store and ask if they have any from floor models or contact your moving company for an appropriate TV box.

Step 3: Pack It Up

Once the TV is secure in its box, make sure you label what it is and write “this side up.” Place whatever stickers you’re using to denote rooms on the box, and maybe a fragile sticker (to be safe).

Then leave the rest to the professionals and let them pick the best place in the truck for you—they know what they’re doing!

Moving Troubles?

Learning how to pack a TV for moving isn’t the only hard part of your move. The entire packing process can be a nightmare from start to finish. Don’t go at it alone.

Keep living your life, and let our professional movers help you load (and even pack!).

If you could put a price on your sanity, the cost of hiring professional movers would be a lot less. Stop pulling your hair out and call us today!