How to Move on a Budget Without Cutting Corners

Moving from one location to another is expensive, but it doesn’t have to break your budget.

There are simple things to do to ensure your move goes smoothly while staying within your budget and not cutting corners.

We’re sharing our favorite tips on how to move on a budget. Keep reading to learn how to move cost-effectively.

Plan Ahead

A cost-effective move requires preparation and planning. Start by creating a personalized to-do list and a budget – and stick to them.

Start your budgeting process by requesting an online moving quote so that you get an estimate for services that are accurate for your specific move.

Only Take Items You Need

The first step when moving on a budget is to declutter. We all tend to hang on to items that we no longer use, like, or need.

Going through your belongings before a move is helpful for several reasons. First, it helps you realize exactly what you have. Often, we put things away and forget about them.

Secondly, it’s an excellent opportunity to organize your belongings, so you are able to find them easily when you are unpacking in your new home. And lastly, but most importantly, there’s no point in spending money to move things you won’t use.

Best of all, you can sell your unneeded belongings before you move and make a few extra dollars.

Save on Packing Materials

Packing materials really add up. Take advantage of gently-used boxes and household materials if possible.

Look for places where you can get free, gently-used boxes such as through your moving company. Online sites like Craigslist and NextDoor often have people looking to pass along boxes after a move as well. Or try local grocery stores and other retail stores for their discarded boxes. Check with the store manager to see if they have any available.[KG1]

Also, use hampers, baskets, and bins to pack your items to save on boxes.

Use old newspapers, towels, pillowcases, blankets, and other items rather than relying exclusively on bubble wrap and other expensive material to safely pack your things.

Consider the Timing

If possible, move during off-peak times. Fewer people move during fall and winter months and, therefore, moving services are less in demand and prices tend to be a bit lower.

A mid-week and mid-month move also tend to be less expensive, as these are less busy times as well.

Pack Yourself

Save money on moving expenses by packing and unpacking your belongings yourself. Plan at least six weeks for packing and getting ready for a move.

Move With Us

One crucial factor is managing your stress levels when learning how to move on a budget. Don’t take on too much yourself unless you know you are able to handle it physically and mentally.

Let us help with your next move. Our team of experienced professionals will help ensure you stick to your budget while making it easy for you.

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