5 Tips to Make Moving With Toddlers Easier

With one in four Americans moving every five years, it’s inevitable that most families will have to move with a toddler at some point.

Moving is stressful enough for adults, but it’s harder when there’s a little one to think about as well.

Luckily, these tips will make moving with toddlers as simple as possible by sticking to a schedule, making your toddler feel involved, and getting help on moving day.

1. Get Them Ready

Share the news about the move with your toddler about a month in advance. This gives enough time to process the information but not too much time that your child has the opportunity to think too hard about the changes ahead.

Read age-appropriate books to them about moving and even act out the moving process with their stuffed animals and toys.

2. Pack Up Their Room Last

Toddlers are easily upset by change, and the chaos of moving is very unsettling for them.

Help them stay calm by leaving their room until last when packing. This way, it’s a haven for them to go to when things feel scary in the rest of the house.

When you do have to finish packing everything up, keep out a few comforting items for your toddler to hold onto—these could be toys, books, or special blankets.

3. Schedule Regular Meals and Naps

Routine is important for your toddler, but keeping to your regular schedule is tricky during a move.

Create a plan for moving day and include regular meals, snacks, and naps. Try to keep everything as familiar as possible and avoid significant changes, as these will only unsettle your toddler.

Don’t worry if your routine is a little off in the first few days after moving—it’s normal for it to take time to get settled in.

4. Let Your Toddler Feel Involved

Toddlers can’t decide when you move or where you move to, but it is possible to involve them in smaller decisions, and this will help them feel more positive about the move.

Get a few paint samples and let them decide what color their new room should be, take them to a furniture store and let them pick out some new accessories, or show them a list of activities in your new area and let them choose what to do.

It doesn’t take much to get toddlers excited about their new homes and getting them involved in decision making means they’ll feel more in control.

5. Enlist Help from Family on Moving Day

Moving day is usually quite hectic, so enlisting help is a smart move.

If possible, have your toddler stay with a friend or family member while you’re moving, and bring him/her to your new house once you’ve started to unpack.

A few hours’ break will help you focus entirely on the move and will keep your toddler away during the most stressful part.

6. Explore Local Parks Early On

Once you’ve arrived at your new home, you should start building positive memories right away.

Take your toddler to the local park or play area and point out all the great things about your new location. If possible, join a group to help him or her make new friends.

Having fun with your toddler from day one shows him or her that moving is a positive thing and limits any potential issues later on.

How to Make Moving With Toddlers Run Smoothly

Moving with toddlers doesn’t have to be an ordeal.

Stick to a schedule, get help with childcare on moving day, and involve your toddler in making positive memories in your new home, and things will run smoothly.

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