Person squating and loading books into a moving box.

How to Determine How Long Packing for Your Move Will Take

One of the most daunting aspects of a move is the process of packing every belonging you have that can’t be simply loaded into the moving truck without a protective package. While most people know that packing will take a substantial amount of time, it can be challenging to gauge how long the process will take if you haven’t moved very often. 

In order to properly plan, arrange for time off of work, and not be in a rush, it’s helpful for you to know how much time you will need to pack. Here are a few valuable things to consider that will give you a better idea of how much time you will need during your move. 

1. How big is your home?

The average American home is about 2,400 square feet. However, some homes are far bigger, and some homes are much smaller. Generally speaking, the larger your home is, the longer you can expect it will take you to get everything packed. This is because larger homes tend to have more rooms filled with belongings and more storage space. 

2. How many people are in your household?

Do you live alone, with a significant other, with children, or with extended family? The more people you have in your home, the more time you can expect to be packing boxes. The average home can have at least 300,000 items to pack, and the average 10-year old can have as many as 238 toys. So, the more people you have in your home, the more likely it will be that you have far more packing to do.

As a side note, the more adults you have in your home, the more hands that can help. Therefore, you can expect your packing time to be reduced if you have more adult residents at your current address and everyone intends to pitch in and help. 

3. How much time will you be able to commit every day solely to packing?

Sometimes it’s best to pack all at one time instead of in between other tasks. If you have time to allocate to packing explicitly, you can focus on filling boxes and getting more done. However, if you are packing between cleaning, taking care of children, preparing meals, or going to work, you can expect the process to extend for several days. 

Consider creating a block of time every day that you can solely focus on packing. For example, two weeks before moving day, you can designate two hours every day to pack boxes. Then, day by day, you can get a lot accomplished. 

4. Do you have exterior storage spaces to consider?

The more exterior space your home has beyond the average living quarters, the longer your packing process will take. For example, if you have a garage, a garden shed, and an enclosed patio, you have several more spaces that you will have to manage while you are loading boxes. Therefore, you can expect to add at least a few hours to your packing for every additional exterior storage space you have. 

Get Your Move Off to the Best Start 

Packing can be time-consuming, but the heavy lifting can be just as much of a challenge. If you need help with the latter, consider bringing in a professional moving company for assistance. Then, reach out to us to get a free estimate to get started today.