a variety of items for a move including empty bin, ice chest, boxes, bicycle

Household Items to Donate or Sell Before the Move

Donating or selling household items before your move is a great way to save both money and time. Generally, relocating families have better moving experiences when they aren’t dealing with excess belongings they no longer need or even want. Here are some tips for which items you should consider donating or selling before you move.


Do you have excess furniture that you aren’t actively using? If so, these bulky and expensive to move items should be the first on your list to sell or donate. To earn extra cash, as soon as you know you’re moving, start listing furniture you don’t need on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. You’d be surprised how easy it is to let go of the furniture you don’t want, and you might make a little cash from selling it.


Moving is the perfect time to empty closets filled with sheets, pillowcases, and towels that are worn out, never used, mismatched, or won’t match your new bed and bath. Donate or sell linens that are in good shape. Check with your local thrift store if you can pass them on there.

Worn linens can be helpful as padding in boxes for other items you’ll be bringing – then discard these once you arrive. Also, plan to leave curtains behind that won’t fit your new windows or match your new décor. (Besides, people moving in after you might appreciate having starter curtains or one that match!)

Clothing and Shoes

One of the most common possessions that people tend to hold onto longer than they should are clothing and shoes. The reasons that people keep unused clothing vary. Some people hang onto clothes to lose weight, others hope once trendy garments will come back into style, and others hold onto clothing items for sentimental reasons. Chances are, these items will remain unused in your new home, so right now, they are merely adding to the clutter. Identify which clothing and shoes you should take and which ones you should sell or donate – this will make your move a lot lighter and less expensive.


Many of us collect books that are taking up space and collecting dust. Moving is a great time to downsize your book collection. Plan to keep only the ones that are timeless, valuable, or genuinely sentimental. Donate or sell everything else. Anything you want to reread, you can always download onto a digital device; no need to bring all your books.

Unused Toys and Games

Kids tend to hold onto old toys for sentimental reasons. If your family has many toys and games that they never play with anymore, why not sell them for extra cash (especially if you have some of those in-demand toys in good shape). Or, consider donating them. Either way, you’ll lighten your load and make another child happy. If you have games with missing pieces, try to sell the pieces you do have on eBay. Chances are someone else wants to complete their set, and you can earn extra cash this way (it’s a niche market).

Moving Done Right

Reducing your possessions can go a long way toward lowering your moving costs and saves you time packing excess boxes. It’s a freeing feeling since you can start fresh in your new home.

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