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Feeding Your Family Healthy Meals During Your Move: Tips to Help, Recipes, and More

You face a significant life transition: packing up your belongings and family to move to a new place. Health-conscious eating is ever-important but eating good food amid a chaotic move keeps your energy levels up, so you can handle the added work. 

Unfortunately, eating healthy while moving can come as a challenge. You don’t have to resort to sandwiches and fast food to keep everyone fed even though your home life may be in disarray. Here are a few good things to keep in mind, some recipes to carry you through the process, and more.

Tips for Eating Healthy During the Move

Try to utilize the foods you have available.

The more ingredients you use up in the fridge and pantry, the less you have to contend with on moving day. Get creative with your meal plans in advance and use what you already have to create healthy meals. This can be easier than you think and can make such a difference. 

Bonus Tip: Try MyFridgeFood.com, which lets you plug in ingredients that you have and gives you recipes you can make.

Plan your food just as you plan other aspects of the move.

In advance, create a meal plan for the days leading up to the move, moving day, and the first days after. Your meal plan gives you a reference point; if you know what you’re eating, it is much easier to eat healthier because you won’t be grabbing things on the fly to feed the family. Keep in mind time constraints that can be an issue on certain days. Use the ingredients you have to build meal plans for certain days. Don’t feel bad about adding a few super simple meals like breakfast cereal on moving day and pre-made salads for your first night in the house.

Forgo packing a few essential kitchen items.

Eliminate your need to grab food out because you’re exhausted and don’t know where everything is packed. Keep some necessities out of boxes until right before your move. For example, you may need:

  • Enough plates, bowls, cups, and silverware for each member of the family
  • A large pan, a small pan, and a frying pan
  • Can opener, spatula, and serving spoon
  • A baking sheet or cake pan

On your last day in your old place, pack up these items in a box, label it, and keep the box accessible, so you can grab it when you get where you are going.

Easy Recipes for Packing Days and Moving Day

Skillet Mac & Cheese – Great go-to lunch or dinner that can be tossed together in a snap using only two pans.

Chicken Pesto Stuffed Peppers – 25-minute prep time, can be made with a choice of ingredients, excellent made ahead, and frozen.

Breakfast Egg Muffins – Whip up a batch in a cinch, pop in freezer bags, and pull out as needed.

Easy Tortilla Pizza – Tortillas, marinara sauce, cheese, and your choice of toppings—quick, simple, and customizable.

Frito Pie – Can be tweaked with what you already have on hand and is a perfect dish to make ahead and stick in the freezer.

PB&J No-Bake Oatmeal Bars – Excellent high-energy snack to have around during your move.

Donate Your Non-Perishables

If you just can’t use up all your food before your move, ask your mover if they partner with an organization like Move for Hunger. This nonprofit organization collects and donates non-perishable food from homeowners moving that they would otherwise throw away

Reserve Time for Family Meals with Professional Movers to Help

Having help from professional movers will give you more time to focus on feeding your family during the transition. If you are ready to plan your next move, reach out to us to get a free moving quote today!