A mature man with his senior father furnishing new house, a new home concept.

Helping a Parent Move

Moving is difficult enough when it’s just your stuff that you have to pack. Helping a parent with a residential move can be even more complicated.

You may have to sort through a lot of belongings that aren’t yours. Sometimes parents don’t want to move or aren’t willing to let anything go.

Fortunately, there are ways to make it easier. Try these tips to smooth out the process.

Organize Collections

Lots of people have collections of things that have monetary value or emotional attachment. But not everyone knows how to organize or display those collections.

When you look at it, you might see nothing but clutter. The person who invested years into accumulating it sees it differently probably.

If you know of a few collections that your parent wants to keep, you can start to assemble them together. This process cuts down on disorganization. It also helps to identify the most important things.

Sort Belongings Together

It’s tempting to start going through the rooms by yourself because it goes faster. But if you imagine walking into your home and seeing empty rooms, you’ll understand why your parents might not like it.

Going through family belongings together is the best way to avoid long-term stress. You can be the voice of reason, reducing the amount that goes to the new place.

If you don’t live nearby, you can still help out. Talk on the phone while you go through items. Discuss which ones are best to keep.

Preserve Memories, Not Clutter

People keep things for emotional reasons that may make no sense to other people. In some cases, your parents prize the memory more than the item.

Get creative and brainstorm ways to showcase the piece, even if you don’t intend to keep it. A photo album featuring pictures of the old living room with family members might be all you need.

Take Extra Time to Pack

If it feels like packing takes forever, that’s because it does, especially when you have to get someone else’s buy-in.

For this task, you’ll want to build in an extra week or two to get through the whole process. Give yourself the space to rest and reflect between rounds. That way, you’re not rushing and forcing difficult decisions when you don’t need to.

Create a Functional, Familiar Layout

Many people worry about their ability to remember things as they get older. And while you might think this only applies to abstract things like memories, it’s much more concrete.

In fact, lots of older people struggle when they move because everything seems new and unfamiliar. They may spend time looking for a favorite chair that is no longer there.

In the new home, try to arrange each room in a familiar way. Keep like items together. It will still feel different, but not completely strange.

Moving can be an exciting prospect, but it can also be overwhelming and stressful for older people. Invest your time to make it a success with this advice. You and your parents will be glad you did.

Added Moving Help for Your Parents

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