Don’t Shatter the Good Stuff: A Guide to Packing Glasses for Moving

Packing glassware for a move can be tricky, but when you know exactly how and what to do, you’ll have no problem keeping your glassware safe and sound during the move.

From beer mugs to champagne flutes or juice glasses to coffee cups, these items need excellent protection and great care to survive a household move in one piece. Proper packing and labeling is the key.

Here’s how to pack glasses for moving and ensure everything arrives in one piece.

Tools You Need to Pack Glassware

To prevent glassware from breaking, it’s important that it never comes into abrupt contact with any hard surface. This is what you’ll need to pack glasses like a pro:

  •   Medium-sized boxes
  •   Newsprint, towels, packing paper, or other soft material
  •   Markers
  •   Packing tape

Bubble wrap works too, but it’s expensive and harder to recycle. Packing paper is the most eco-friendly option when packing glassware.

A Key Factor in How to Pack Glasses for Moving

To prevent glassware and other fragile items from breaking, they must never come into forceful contact with any hard surface.

When you’re moving glasses, plates, and dishes, it’s not only the items that need a protective layer. The key to moving glassware successfully lies in padding the box, too.

Fill the bottom of each box with a thick layer of towels or crumpled up pieces of paper. This will protect its contents from jarring while on the road.

Wrap Each Glass Separately

Lay your wrapping material out on a flat, smooth surface. Starting with the heaviest glasses, place one glass in the corner of the first sheet.

Roll the glass diagonally across the sheet. Stuff the ends of the paper into the cavity of the glass as you go along. Keep going until the glass is completely covered.

Then, fold the bottom end of the paper over the glass to make a tight package.

When wrapping glasses with stems, make sure you wrap the stem separately, then wrap the entire glass.

Doubling Up

If you have large sheets of paper, wrap two similar glasses at a time if preferred.

Proceed as above. When you reach the middle of the paper, add the second glass alongside the one that’s already wrapped. Continue rolling and wrapping the same way you did the first.

Boxing Tactics

Always place the heaviest and largest glasses in your box first. Then proceed to add layer after layer of new glasses.

It will amaze you how heavy glass is when it’s all in one place. Check the weight of the box after a few layers. There’s more chance you’ll drop a heavy box, so don’t overdo it.

Leave room at the top of the box for a final layer of padding. Before sealing the box, make sure the items and padding are all snug and don’t shift in the box.

Lastly, tape your box shut and label it. Add ”fragile” stickers or write “glass” on the box to ensure your movers are extra cautious with these delicate items.

The Best Way to Pack and Go

After learning how to pack glasses for moving, the next important step is hiring a professional moving company for your relocation.

A reputable moving company will ensure all your possessions arrive in good condition. If you don’t want to do it yourself, hire them to pack for you, too.

Get in touch, and we’ll arrange an effortless relocation for you.