Man in red shirt and jeans unloading clothes from a closet into moving boxes.

Cleaning Out Your Closet Before You Move? These Charities Put Your Old Clothes To Good Use

When you’re getting ready to move, you’ll likely come across clothes you haven’t worn in years. The general rule: if you haven’t worn it in the past year, it’s time to donate it (or throw it away if it’s in poor condition). Throughout the year, you probably experience different types of weather, and you have plenty of chances to enjoy all that your closet has to offer. Moving is an excellent opportunity to give the clothes you no longer wear new life by donating them to a charitable organization

Not sure where to donate the clothes you no longer need? Check out these organizations that will put your old threads to good use: 

American Red Cross

Donating clothes through GreenDrop helps the Red Cross continue their life-giving relief and medical efforts. Contributing to the American Red Cross through GreenDrop is simple: schedule an at-home pick-up or drop-off at a convenient location near you. When you donate through GreenDrop, they sell your old clothes at businesses, and the profits benefit the Red Cross.


Goodwill accepts gently-used clothing (and household items like books and furniture). Donating to Goodwill is easy: simply drop off your clothing and other items at your local Goodwill store. Goodwill sells your gently used items and uses the profits to help people in need find jobs. The organization then continues to help individuals by providing job training and other programs that benefit local communities. 

One Warm Coat

It can be hard to imagine making it through the winter without a warm coat to shield you from the elements, but sadly, many people face that situation as soon as the weather turns chilly each year. One Warm Coat works to provide jackets and coats to people in need. The organization accepts both new and gently worn coats. The coats must be free of tears and stains. To donate outerwear to One Warm Coat, locate a coat drive near you.

Planet Aid

You likely have a Planet Aid donation bin near you, even if you haven’t noticed it before. Planet Aid’s large yellow containers easily accept all used clothing, even if it’s torn or has stains. The organization also accepts other household items, such as shower curtains and towels. The clothing is sold, reused, and the profits go to help people in developing countries. Some of the clothing is sold in the United States (and profits then go to help people in need), while some clothing is sent overseas and sold by people in developing countries to make a profit. To donate clothing to Planet Aid, simply place the clothes in a bag and drop them off at a Planet Aid bin. To find a container near you, click here

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