Are You Moving While Pregnant? Here Are 5 Tips to Help With a Safe Move

So, you’re getting ready to move. The process is long and sometimes challenging. However, moving while pregnant is even more so.

Sometimes it’s inevitable. Not everyone has the luxury of waiting to move until after a baby is born. It may be the best time to move or you have planned this move for a while. If so, keep reading for safe moving tips during pregnancy.

Moving While Pregnant

You don’t want anything to happen to your bundle of joy. So, you want to make this move happen with as little stress as possible.

Remember to speak to your doctor first to determine if it is safe for you to participate in the moving process.

If you are moving to a new area, make sure you have a new doctor set up before you go. Make sure all your medical records are in order and transferred ahead of time. The less to worry about, the better it is for you and your future newborn.

Plan Ahead

It doesn’t matter if you are moving nearby or far away, creating a plausible timeline is critical. Don’t over-stress yourself by doing too much too close to the moving deadline. Create a moving checklist and take it one step at a time.

Give Yourself Lots of Time to Pack

Begin packing well in advance of the move to allow for regular breaks. Take frequent rests by sitting and putting your feet up to prevent swelling in legs and feet.

Recruit Help

Last time you moved, it was a piece of cake. You and your partner did it in a day because you didn’t have as many belongings then. You only needed a friend to help with the big items.

This time, though, recruit as many friends as possible. Not only will you need the extra hands for lifting, but you’ll also need help packing. It’ll be stressful, with a lot of bending or squatting.

Be sure to ask at least one person to help you get things off shelves or to move bulky items.

Lifting or Bending

Whatever the reason, bending will be inevitable, but do it safely.

Never lift with your back. Bend your knees when bending forward or lifting something. Also, always be sure not to make any sudden movements while lifting.

Hire Movers

Never be too stubborn about moving on your own. It’s vital for you to take care of your body.

Hiring a moving company to help get your belongings relocated might be the best decision. It will take the bulk of the stress off you and will be easier on your health.

Cleaning Supplies

We all know the last few days of a move involve frantic cleaning. Everything is out of the house, making every dirt spot more noticeable.

Be prepared by throwing out all the harmful cleaning agents. Replace them with safe supplies early on so you won’t be rushing around at the last minute. You can even recruit some help for this stage as well.

All Your Moving Needs

If you’re moving while pregnant, we’re here to help. Our household moving services are exactly what you need for stress-free moving. Request a free quote today!

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