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5 Summer Moving Tips That Can Reduce Stress

An estimated 40 million people relocate each year, and upwards of 80 percent move during the summer months. The reasons range from wanting a seamless transition for children attending school to more homes listed on the market beginning in spring. 

Buying a new home in late spring often puts closing and moving dates into summer. Regardless of the reasons people decide to pack and relocate, summer moves come with challenges. Consider the following summer moving tips to reduce stress.

1. Pack With Soaring Temperatures in Mind

If anything can test someone’s patience, it’s trying to complete physical tasks while sweating profusely. That’s what happens when people try to cram in packing and boxing a home during summer afternoons. Rather than try to shrug off the onerous humidity, enlist the help of friends and family members over a few strategically planned evenings. Supply pizza, beverages, and box-up items after the sun goes down. When you finish a shift, you can all sit out and enjoy each other’s company.

2. Transfer Utilities and Services Early

Too many people wait until the last week to move things like electricity, cable, trash pickup, and mail. Plan to transfer your utilities early. We may live during a time when online services seem to be a finger tap away, but much of the real world moves slower. Imagine calling during move week only to find out you won’t have electricity — or air conditioning — for days after arriving.

A stress-free move involves plenty of advanced planning to ensure success. Consider checking with the local post office, utility companies, and other services about their timeline. Take determined steps to have everything operational the day before your move.

3. Be Prepared for Moving Day

Compare moving day during the summer to going on a long hike. If you were traversing a bumpy path and open fields on an August afternoon, would you bring the following?

  • Sunscreen and bug spray
  • Plenty of water
  • Fruit and snacks
  • A hat to block the sun from your face
  • Sunglasses

It may be worthwhile to pack a lightweight backpack with all the essentials of a summer hike. Better to be prepared than experience all-day discomfort.

4: Wear Loose-Fitting Layers

It’s not unusual to begin a move early in the morning when the temperature is colder — that’s when layering your clothing is essential. The nip in the air often requires a hoodie and long pants. As the summer sun gets higher, so does the temperature. Wear a lighter T-shirt and possibly shorts under your outerwear so that you can peel off layers. If moving extends into the evening, you may be more comfortable adding some layers back on.

5: Get Comprehensive Moving Cost Quotes

Homeowners may want to consider getting a variety of quotes from various companies. Start with the essential cost of loading packed boxes and furniture and unloading it into place on the other end. 

Next, consider getting a quote for full-service moving. This may entail having experienced people securely package dishware, fragile things, and the wealth of small items that often prove time-consuming. 

Get the Moving Help You Need

Moving during the hot sticky weather can cause added stress. We can help you manage a summertime move. Leave the packing and moving to us. Contact us for a free quote.