Man standing near a wall hanging artwork with woman and child on the floor nearby watching as they sit in front of stacked moving boxes.

5 Interior Decorating Tips to Remember as You Design Your New Space

Making a new house a beautiful, comfortable home is all about doing what you can to make the place feel like yours. Sometimes, after moving from your existing home to a new house, it can take a little tweaking to get the place looking good. So as you pull together the interior design of your new place, here are a few interior decorating tips to remember.

1. Mix old and new pieces for a new look.

As you unpack your old interior design pieces, pick up a few new items that you feel go well in your new home. It is perfectly acceptable to mix some of your previous pieces with new things. This will make your house feel more like home while adding a new character to the space.

2. Never underestimate the power of accent tables.

Accent tables add that touch of something extra to a space. Architectural Digest refers to these small side tables as “unsung heroes” in the world of furniture. Something like a small table at the end of the hallways gives the space personality. Likewise, an accent table in the kitchen corner can add a lot of character to the living room.

3. Use tall furniture to make short ceilings feel higher.

Does your new home have relatively short ceilings? You may feel a little cramped in a shorter-stature room, but picking the right furniture and interior design elements can open things up a bit. Interior designers often recommend placing tall furniture pieces in short spaces. By detracting attention from the space between the top of the furniture and the ceiling, you give the illusion that the room is a bit taller.

4. Play around with floorplans.

There are standard ways people tend to set up certain rooms for furniture arrangements. However, there is nothing wrong with deviating from the norms regarding how you arrange a room. Playing around with floor plans can give a space that next-level appeal like it was pulled together by an interior designer. So, don’t be afraid to play around. To make things a little easier, download a few apps that help you visualize what a room will look like without actually moving anything.

5. Give bedrooms individual personality.

Your bedroom is your own private, quiet retreat where you go to end your day, rest, and recuperate. Therefore, the bedroom is one room in the house that should be highly personalized to your specific tastes and the things you like. Bring in colors that put you at ease, textures that you enjoy, and even accent pieces that say something about your personality.

Get Help With Moving and Focus On All the Loose Ends

Moving can be a daunting task, and redecorating the new house takes a lot of energy. To ensure you have enough energy left after the move, entrust the heavy lifting to residential movers. Reach out to us to get a free moving quote to get started.