Woman sitting on floor with moving boxes with colorful yellow post-it notes identifying the boxes.

4 Ways to Use Color to Simplify Your Move

Color can be your best friend if you’re in the middle of household relocation. Check out ways to make your move more straightforward, less stressful, and more coordinated.

1. Use colored packing tape to organize packed boxes.

You may not be able to find colored boxes, but what you should have no trouble finding is colored packing tape or duct tape to place on your boxes. Pick a particular color and assign these colors to certain parts of the home or certain types of items. For example, you could do something like:

  • Red tape for anything breakable or delicate
  • Orange tape for all home-decor items
  • Blue tape for anything that belongs in the bedroom
  • Yellow tape for items packed from the garage
  • Green tape for anything that needs to go into storage

2. Use colored sticky notes to create a week-by-week moving plan.

People who do a lot of planning often use colored sticky notes to lay out their plans in an easy-to-follow fashion. It is good to break down all the goals into a week-by-week schedule when planning your move. Pick a specific color of sticky notes and assign it to each week something as follows:

  • Four weeks before the move – yellow notes
  • Three weeks before the move – orange
  • Two weeks before the move – blue
  • One week before the move – green
  • Moving day – pink

You can free up a wall in your home to hang the notes and easily see what you need to do daily. Then, as you complete the tasks, simply pull down the notes and throw them away.

3. Dress the family in T-shirts of the same color for long-distance moves.

If you are making your way across several cities and making several stops along the way, color can even help you keep your family safe and together. On moving day, make sure everyone in the house dresses in a shirt the same color. For example, make sure you and your spouse and the children are wearing red t-shirts. Then, whether you stop at a restaurant for food, a gas station for a bathroom break, or a rest stop to stretch your legs, you will have an easier time recognizing each other if you get separated.

4. Make a color-code key for the movers to reference.

If you do use the colored packing tape trick and go with the idea of specific tape colors for certain rooms, make a quick color-code chart for the movers. This will make it easy for the movers to transition boxes to the corresponding spaces in the new house as they unload. For example, if you use blue tape for all items that belong in the bedroom, the movers will make sure all boxes with blue tape go to the bedroom.

Find the Professional Residential Movers You Need

Moving from one house or apartment to the next can be a fact of life, but the process can be incredibly challenging without a good plan. And, you may need some professional movers to help you along. If you are planning your move and have yet to source a residential moving company, reach out to us to get a no-obligation moving quote.