4 Tips for Throwing the Best Housewarming Party

Purchasing a new home is a milestone that deserves celebration. After the stress and frustration of moving, it’s time to unwind and toast to home ownership with friends and family.

Follow these tips on how to throw the best housewarming party!

1. Skip the Snail Mail and Send Evites

When preparing your guest list, be sure to keep things as efficient as possible. Opt for electronic invitations, such as Evites, rather than the old-fashioned snail mail route.

If guests are no longer able to attend the event, they are more likely to inform you through email or social networks than if you had sent out physical invitations. Nowadays, people respond best to Evites, and it makes it easier to keep track of the number of guests to expect.

This also helps open up communication about any changes or important announcements for the party.

If you’re looking to take your guest list one step further, then extend the invitation to your new neighbors. This helps to foster an initial relationship with your new community and allows you to get to know your neighbors.

2. Assign Duties

The fact is, housewarming parties are stressful.

While most of your energy is going to focus on ensuring that your new home is presentable and “party-ready,” you’re going to want to minimize your other responsibilities.

How do you minimize this stress? Do yourself a favor and allocate food and drinks to the party-goers. By letting guests know ahead of time that it is a potluck and BYOB event, you’ll end up with a wide array of food and drinks for guests.

Your only responsibility is to have a designated table to host all of these dishes and enough cutlery.

3. Prepare the Main Space

Every party has a central space and crowds tend to gather in either the kitchen or the living room.

If the main entertaining space is the living room, then minimize stress by removing anything from the room that spillage or rough play could ruin.

If the weather allows, it could be a good idea for the central space to be outside. This takes the stress out of worrying about any mishaps inside your new home.

4. Be “Tour Ready”

A housewarming party is the first opportunity to showcase your new home.

Guests love housewarming parties simply because they look forward to exploring your new home. Now that the movers have done their jobs, it’s time to make your house look like a home.

Prepare every room—no room will be off limits to guests. Finalize every room to your liking as guests are sure to venture into them.

Use this as motivation to get things unpacked, rooms cleaned and to personalize your space.

Ready For Your Housewarming Party?

So, there you have it!

Four simple steps for how to throw the best and least stressful housewarming party possible. After the stress of moving, you certainly deserve to unwind a little.

Now that the guest list is complete, food and drink decided, and the house is looking its best, it’s time to wait for the party to arrive.

Happy housewarming!