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Where to Get Moving Boxes: 4 Budget-Friendly Ideas

No one realizes how much stuff they actually have until they begin packing for their move. Because of this fact, there may come a time when you’ll need more moving boxes.

But where do you find boxes? And most importantly, where do you find inexpensive, quality boxes? Fortunately, there are a variety of places.

Here are four budget-friendly ways to get moving boxes.

1. Ask Family, Neighbors, and Friends

You might be surprised how many of your loved ones have spare moving boxes lying around their home.

If they’re not using them, ask if you can borrow them. You’ll especially want to reach out to people you know who recently moved — they may have finished unpacking already and likely haven’t recycled their boxes yet.

If you’re also wondering where to get free moving boxes, this is a great hack to know. Your loved ones will want to get the boxes off their hands and be willing to pass them on to you.

2. Online

If you’re wondering where to get inexpensive moving boxes, check online. You’ll find quality new or lightly used boxes at an affordable price. Some websites allow you to resell the boxes back if they’re still in good shape after your move. You will also find other essential packing supplies, such as packaging materials and tape, online. 

Check out local neighborhood apps like Nextdoor. Often, neighbors are looking to unload boxes once they have completed their move. This is an excellent resource for moving boxes.

3. Local Stores

Grocery and other local retailer stores in your area are excellent locations to tap for free moving boxes.

These stores usually have products delivered regularly. They are likely to have many boxes they are disposing of. Contact these nearby retailers ahead of time or visit the stores in person. Ask the manager if you can have access to their gently used boxes that would otherwise be recycled.

Other home stores will more than likely sell new boxes at a reasonable price. You can pick up packing materials here as well.

4. Your Moving Company

Did you know home moving services offer new and gently used boxes? This is convenient for you and your movers. Professional movers prefer using specific types of boxes because they’re easier to pack and stack.

If you’re getting boxes from your moving company, make sure they’re sturdy and not too worn down. You’ll also want to know the best way to pack your items to ensure they arrive at your new home safely.

Where to Get Moving Boxes: Ask Your Moving Company

During a move, there may come a time when you run out of moving boxes. If you’re wondering where to find cost-effective moving boxes, asking your local moving company is your best bet.

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