Three Essential Tips for When You’re Moving Apartments

Are you moving soon?

You might worry that moving apartments will be stressful, but take some comfort from research published by the American Institute of Stress.

They found that moving is not one of the most stressful experiences, like the death of a spouse or divorce. This research shows it’s nothing of the sort. It is actually down at number 28 on the list.

Making moving as stress-free as possible is about preparing. Read on for three essential tips for moving apartments.

1. Prepare to Move Out

When you are moving apartments, it’s not all about your new place. You need to prepare to leave your old one. Failing to do this properly costs you money when you are least able to afford it.

Check the lease on your current apartment. Do you have any obligations you need to meet? For example, how much notice do you need to give, and what do you need to do about any damage or repairs?

Carry out any repairs to avoid charges. Give notice in writing and do it within the terms of your lease to get any deposit back. You’re going to need to look after your money to pay for the move and to spend on your new apartment.

2. Be a Smart Mover

It doesn’t make sense to move things from one apartment to another if you don’t need them. Declutter ahead of packing and moving to save time and money. Sell or give away anything you don’t need to move.

Plan to change utilities, telephone, and internet providers in advance of your move. You’re going to need electricity and internet service immediately.

Talk to a household mover well in advance so that you book the date you want and budget for the service you need. Decide on a plan for moving day and arrange access to your new apartment.

On the day of the move, make sure your old apartment is fit to hand over to the landlord and get your deposit back.

3. Start Off Right

Check everything in your new apartment and make sure you communicate with the landlord about any problems. Take pictures of any damage or issues if necessary. Be friendly and courteous, but don’t end up liable for the repairs of damage caused by the previous apartment resident.

Make a good first impression as someone who understands apartment living. Don’t have a wild housewarming party on the first night and start off on the wrong foot with neighbors. Show you are willing to do your part to look after communal areas.

Make the place your own by having a routine for cleaning and create plans for adding a personal touch or two. If you have a lease that allows decorating, give the place a fresh coat of paint. Put some pictures of friends and family on display.

Organize your finances so that you pay the rent on time and have all your utility bills covered.

Moving Apartments

Finding an apartment and moving is hard work. Finding and living in the right apartment for you is a real plus for your life. Get moving apartments right, and you’ll have a refuge from the stresses of modern life.

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