person on floor hurt from moving furniture

The Risks of DIY Moving

At least 14% of the U.S. population moves every year. Buying a house, moving to a new state, and getting a new job are just a few reasons people move.

Once you decide to move, the next thing you have to do is determine how you will do it. Are you going the DIY route and asking friends and family for help? Or are you going to hire professionals?

Read on to learn about the risks of DIY moving and when it’s better to hire professional movers. 


If you’re going to try DIY moving, know that it will take longer. Not only will you have to rent a moving truck and pack your boxes, but you’ll also have to coordinate with friends to see when they can help. 

Not only will it take more time to coordinate, but the day you move will also be longer. Remember that your friends and family aren’t experienced movers. It will take them longer to carry your bulky sofa and other belongings into your new home than professional movers. 

Lack of Experience

If this is your first move, beware of the various challenging factors involved in the moving process. For instance, driving and parking a large moving van or truck with all your belongings inside can be quite intimidating, particularly if you move to a city where it is difficult to maneuver a large vehicle. 

Professional movers have the experience and ability to maneuver the streets and reserve parking, and obtain appropriate permits for a city move. 

As for transferring your possessions, novice helpers might not know the proper procedures when navigating stairways, doorways, and elevators. Nor will they know the best way to load and pack the truck to maximize the space and keep your property safe. 

Personal Injury

While moving by yourself is often less expensive than hiring movers, you also run the risk of injuries. One wrong move and you, a friend, or a family member could get an injury. 

No matter how spry your dad is or how many times per week your friend goes to the gym, they can still get hurt. Even the most athletic person can get a moving injury since they’re not used to picking up and maneuvering heavy furniture or awkward boxes. Professional movers know how to safely lift sofas and carry dressers without getting hurt.

Your health and well-being are essential. Experienced moving companies hire and train professionals who understand the risks and how to navigate them. Consider how a DIY move might put you and your family and friends at risk for a back injury, strained muscles, or worse. 

It Can Put a Strain On Relationships

‘Can you help me move?’ is the one question no loved one wants to hear. After all, you’re asking your friend or family member to sacrifice a weekend and do hard physical labor for free. It’s a huge favor to ask, and there is a risk involved. 

According to a study of best friend pairs over 19 years, there were 5.8 moves between them. While a best friend will help you move once or twice, additional moves start to feel like you’re taking advantage of them. 

If you’re worried about straining your relationships or don’t have loved ones nearby, you should hire movers. 

Tired of DIY Moving? Hire Professional Movers Today

DIY moving might be sufficient for quick cross-town moves when you don’t have a lot of stuff. But most of the time, moving by yourself is more trouble than it’s worth. 

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