The Best Museums in Stratford, CT You Need Visit

Moving to a new area can be a challenging adjustment.

From new schools to unfamiliar streets, there’s a lot of changes. Learning as much as you can about your new home can help you adjust.

There’s no better way to learn about an area than by checking out its museums.

Keep reading to learn about a few of the most interesting museums the Stratford area has to offer.

National Helicopter Museum

Stratford, Connecticut is considered the birthplace of the helicopter industry in the United States.

If you’re interested in aviation, you’ve come to the right place.

The National Helicopter Museum displays models, photographs and other pieces of history related to the development of the helicopter. You’ll also learn about the history of aviation in the region.

The Barnum Museum

If you love all things related to the pomp and circumstance of the circus, this is a museum you simply can’t miss.

The Barnum Museum opened in 1893. It was built and funded by the museum’s namesake, Phineas Taylor Barnum, leader of the famous Barnum Circus.

The entertainment giant built numerous museums and projects. But this museum is the last surviving building that he had a hand in establishing. Though he died before the museum was complete, it now houses an extensive collection of artifacts, documents, and exhibits about his life and his work.

The Barnum Museum is undergoing refurbishing after it suffered damage from several natural disasters. While it remains open and worth the visit, it has limited hours at this time.

Discovery Museum and Planetarium

Visiting museums is a great way to learn about the area or to learn something new about your favorite subjects. Although entertaining to many, sometimes museums get a bad rap for ordinary, stationary exhibits that require a lot of reading.

Luckily, there are plenty of alternative interactive museums out there from which to choose.

For families looking for a day of fun and learning, or even curious individuals, the Discovery Museum and Planetarium is a must-see.

This museum is packed with hands-on exhibits and displays designed to make science and discovery fun and accessible for visitors of all ages.

Stratford Historical Society

The best thing about local museums is the chance to learn about the history and culture of an area that you’re visiting or living in. You can learn about the people who founded the town or city, the industries that supported it, and about any significant historical events that took place there.

If you’re moving to Stratford or just here for a visit, there’s no better place to learn about the area than the Stratford Historical Society.

Built in 1750, the building that houses the museum is itself an exhibit. Inside, you’ll learn about the region and get to see furnishings constructed in the area that are reminiscent of those that would have been in a home during the late 1700s and throughout the 1800s.

Choosing Which Museums to Visit in Stratford

Now that you know a few of the exciting museums Stratford has to offer, it’s time to choose which ones to check out on your next visit.

Of course, if you’re lucky enough to be moving to the area, you won’t have to strategize which museums to visit and which to skip.

If you are moving, don’t let the stress and headache of packing and moving your belongings keep you from enjoying all that your new home has to offer. Learn how our household moving services can help.