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Simplifying the Household Division When You and a Roommate Move Out

When two people share a residence for an extended period as roommates, a lot of everyday items automatically become communal property. When the two of you decide to go your separate ways and move to your own new places, having so much shared property can make things just as complicated as it is for a couple getting a divorce.

Unfortunately, you don’t have a divorce judge to help you decide who gets what, so the two of you will be left to divvy everything up on your own before the move. Here are a few tips to help you through the process of household division when you and a roommate move out of a shared residence.

1. Get the property division process started as early as possible.

The sooner you can get started on the property division process, the better. It is common for people who have lived together for long periods to have a hard time remembering who bought what and who should be the rightful owner of what items. Try to schedule a few free days well in advance of the move when the two of you can sort through things, decide who takes what, and get started packing.

2. Schedule professional movers early and let them know the situation.

When you have two separate parties moving out of the same household, it creates a unique service call for moving professionals. You will likely be needing two moving trucks that will be taking belongings to two separate locations.

Some moving companies will prefer to sort-of shingle the service call; they will take one person’s belongings one day, and the other person’s another. If you need the move to happen on the same day, however, this is something to state upfront.

3. Consider selling jointly-owned furniture pieces.

It’s common for two people who live together to make joint investments in certain furniture pieces. For example, if you went in together and purchased a sofa or a TV, you have to decide what happens to these items before moving day.

You could always buy out the other person’s ownership or vice versa, but sometimes, it can be simpler just to liquidate the items before you move. Decide what needs to be sold and make arrangements to get rid of these items early.

4. Make sure you label each person’s boxes clearly, according to the owner.

When the movers arrive to help both of you gather your belongings onto the moving truck, everything must be labeled clearly. Pick up two different colors of packing tape, two colors of markers, or even two different types or colors of boxes so everything can be separately held and easily discerned on moving day. Use color-coded labels and include the owner’s name, description of the contents, and the room that the box should go to.

Simplify the Move with the Help of Professional Movers

Splitting a joint residence is always a little more tedious and time-consuming. Having the help of professional movers can make all the difference. Contact us for a free moving quote.