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Questions to Ask When Hiring a Residential Moving Company

Moving companies can take one of the most daunting tasks, moving, and make the process much easier to handle. From doing the heavy lifting to transporting your belongings to the new address, these service providers help alleviate a lot of the hard work that comes with a residential relocation. But, how do you find the best moving company, and what questions should you ask as you assess your options? 

Here is a look at a few good questions to ask as you decide which moving company will work out best for you. 

Will moving boxes be provided, or are they available?

If you hire them, some moving companies will provide moving boxes to transport your belongings in a full-service move. However, many also offer moving supplies and boxes that you can buy or rent. For reference, large moving boxes can cost over $2 each. If you are looking to negate the extra expense or keep the costs for boxes as low as possible, ask the moving company if boxes are something they can help you with. Some even offer gently used boxes at a reduced price.

What is the cancellation policy?

Most people only contact a professional mover when they are sure that they will be moving and pretty well know what date they will need to move. Therefore, cancellations are relatively rare, but they can happen. If there is any chance that you may need to cancel before moving day arrives, be sure to discuss the cancellation policy with any company you are considering. 

Does the company handle specialty items?

Maybe you have some especially expensive family heirlooms, a few pieces of valuable artwork, or even something that is simply awkward to transport like a home workout setup. Professional moving companies consider some items specialty items because they require a little extra time, attention, and care for handling and transport. It will be essential to know what items the movers will handle and what items you will need to transport on your own to avoid unexpected issues on moving day. 

Are there extra fees for appliance preparation, furniture disassembly, etc.?

Not all moving companies offer the same levels of service. Some will offer add-ons like appliance preparation or furniture disassembly, but some also consider these tasks part of the overall process. To get an idea of what the movers will tackle for you and how much that will cost, if anything, ask a few questions when you make that first contact with a potential mover. 

Can you contact the moving truck driver after loading?

When you are moving a long distance, it can be helpful to retain a direct line of communication with the driver that is hauling your belongings. Most companies make this easy by instructing drivers to disclose their contact information. Still, some companies track drivers from a central office, and all communication is handled through the dispatch center. Therefore, it can be helpful to find out what you should expect on moving day. 

Get the details from a professional moving company in advance. 

The average American moves about 11 times in their life, so moving companies can be valuable to have around. Ready to talk about your upcoming move? Our friendly professionals are ready and waiting to help you get the answers you need. We even offer a free moving quote to get you started. So reach out to us for more information.