piles of cardboard moving boxes

Post Moving Day Hacks So You Don’t Get Boxed In

Boxes are a necessity for a local or long-distance move. However, after you unpack the boxes at your new home, you may wonder, “What can I do with all of these boxes now?”

Fortunately, there are several creative ways to upcycle and recycle moving boxes. Check out these ideas for putting moving boxes back to good use.

Keep Boxes for Future Moves

If you are relocated relatively often for work or educational reasons, consider breaking the boxes down or nesting them for safekeeping. This is an excellent way for you to avoid buying or collecting boxes for the next move.

Check with Your Moving Company

Your professional moving company may buy back gently used and unused boxes. Your movers may be able to use the boxes — to sell the gently used ones to future movers, pass along the used boxes to help other movers in financial need, or recycle them.

Recycle Used Boxes

Recycling keeps bulky boxes out of landfills and is better for the environment. Most cities have some type of recycling program that might even pay you a small sum for them. Keep in mind that most places have guidelines for box preparation before bringing them in or hauling them away.

Give Them to a Family on the Move

If a friend or neighbor plans to move, offer them the boxes for free or a nominal fee if they’re high-quality, sturdy ones. If no box-seekers are around, donate them to non-profits and military outlets to help those in need.

Let Kids Use Boxes for Craft Projects

Children seem to find a lot of joy playing with boxes. Large boxes can make great forts, race car tracks, and you can use multiple boxes to create larger fun zones for youngsters. Kids can also have fun decorating them with construction paper, stickers, markers, or drawings.

Compost Cardboard Boxes

If you plan to start a compost pile for gardening, cardboard is an excellent addition. You’ll need to mix it with other compostable ingredients such as veggie peels, fruit remains, leaves, and grass clippings to create nutrient-rich compost.

Those with green thumbs can enjoy beautiful results without buying pre-made composting materials. If gardening isn’t in your plans, donate them to a gardening center.

Trade Boxes Online

Several online sites such as Freecycle, Facebook, and Nextdoor have groups where boxes can be traded or sold. These local-focused groups allow you to meet someone in a public place to make the exchange.

Protect Surfaces During Household Decorating

Even if moving into a brand new home, there will likely be a few ‘messy’ chores to do. Drilling holes for photos or art, minor painting, or hanging lighting can leave debris on floors and other surfaces. A box folded flat and laid down to protect the delicate surface can help minimize post-project cleanup while preserving the area from any damage.

Make a Cozy Pet Bed

It’s no secret that many cats are obsessed with playing and sleeping in boxes, but dogs love a cozy bed, too. Cut the box or fold the sides to allow them to step in easily.

Line the bottom and edges with a bedding cover or old blanket. This can help calm pets during the journey and as they adjust to their new home environment.

Moving Assistance

These are just a few ways to get more use out of your moving boxes after unpacking. Be creative and have fun discovering new ideas as you see fit in your new home.

If you need help packing and moving, contact a full-service mover. Reach out to us today for a virtual survey and a moving quote.