New Home Checklist: Things New Homeowners Should Do Right Away

Moving to a new home is exciting and daunting at the same time, but it needn’t be stressful. Months of preparation usually lead up to moving day, but have you taken the time to figure out what happens on the other side?

Planning for the first few days in a new home is an integral part of the process. This new home checklist will help you feel at ease from the first night in your new place.

1. Compile a New Home Checklist

A checklist for moving is the ultimate stress-buster during a relocation, so while you’re compiling it, start a list of things you’ll need on arrival, too. Pack these essentials into separate boxes and label them clearly.

This list should include items like bed linens, towels, toiletries, medications, cleaning materials, and pet necessities. Each family member should pack a bag with enough clothing for the first few days.

Transport these essential items in your own vehicle, so you know exactly where they are on arrival.

2. Measure Up and Plan

Before you move into your new house, measure each room, and create a rough outline of where everything will go. That way, your movers can place heavy items where you want them, saving you from having to do it yourself later.

3. Advance Housekeeping

Get floors and carpet thoroughly cleaned while the house is empty. There’s no telling how many people have traipsed through the house while it was on the market.

Give critical areas of the house a thorough cleaning a few days ahead of your move. The kitchen and bathrooms are an excellent place to start.

Transfer your utilities in advance, and make sure that any appliances that came with the house are working. Find out where the water and gas mains are so you can switch them off in a hurry if necessary.

Find out where the nearest fuel station, supermarket, hospital, and pharmacy are. You can’t drive around looking for these things in an emergency or when your tank is almost empty.

As soon as you have the keys in hand, change the locks. There’s no telling who has a spare set of keys.

4. First Night Essentials

Stock up on a few things you’re bound to need in the first few days. These include cereal, milk, frozen pizzas, pet food, and ready-made meals. Don’t forget the tea, coffee, sugar, and soft drinks.

You can keep any perishable items in a cooler during transit or place them in the fridge ready for your arrival.

5. Things to Do on Arrival

If you’ve just installed a new fridge or the current one is off, switch it on. Unpack the toaster and kettle and plug them in.

Make the beds and hang bedroom curtains if possible. Unpack essential toiletry items in the bathroom.

Place your pet’s bowls in the same room as your previous house. This will help them adjust.

Take some time off to relax after the hustle and bustle of moving day. With all the vital elements in place, you can start unpacking later.

One Last Tip for a Stress-Free Move

Booking a reliable moving service is an important item on your new home checklist. Having a relocation expert on your side makes the transition easier for everyone.

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