Keep and donate piles before moving

Moving Tips for Clearing Your Basement

Basements require special attention when packing, as they often house items not used every day. As such, it’s essential to follow specific guidelines when clearing a basement. 

Not only will clearing out the basement help during a household move, but it’ll also remove old items no longer needed and provide opportunities to donate to charity. 

Part of clearing the basement is sorting through the contents and deciding what to keep and get rid of. To do so, follow these moving tips for basement packing and declutter for an upcoming move. 

Tips for Decluttering

When clothes no longer fit, people usually move them to the basement. When clearing out a basement, a good rule of thumb is to do away with clothes that haven’t been worn in a year. Consider donating them to the American Red Cross or other similar charity. 

Next, look for any home decor or appliances that have outlived their usefulness. Instead of packing and moving these items, create piles of things to donate.

Basements also harbor arts and crafts and hobbies that may have fallen by the wayside. If no longer needed, remove these items as well. 

Decluttering means you’re bound to have a pile of items you plan to keep. To organize these items, invest in storage totes and labels. Pack like items together and label these totes.

Not only will this make a residential move easier, but items that only come out for special occasions (holiday decorations) will have permanent storage solutions.

Packing Basement Contents

When decluttering a basement, be sure to sort items into piles. This will help throughout the packing process. 

Exercise equipment is commonly stored in the basement. Determine if your family still uses that exercise equipment. If not, consider unloading it before the move. 

If the equipment is actively being used, make plans to pack it and bring it with you. Place heavier contents, such as free weights, in crates. If they are too heavy to box up, wrap them in special packing paper so that they don’t damage other items during a move. Consult with your mover for the best tips for packing this equipment. 

Review any instruction manuals to ensure equipment is undamaged while in transit. Put things like nuts and bolts into plastic bags and attach them to the exercise equipment they belong to. 

The same goes for disassembled furniture before a move.

Have plenty of boxes ready in various sizes, along with packing tape, labels, and markers. This will help you sort through basement contents and package items accordingly and make storing items a simpler task. 

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