How to Move Your Furniture Across the Country

Planning to move? How are you going to get all your big furniture from Point A to Point B?

About 10% of the United States population move residences yearly. It can be a difficult task without a proper plan or the help of professionals.

If you’re planning to move furniture across the country, use the following tips to do it safely and efficiently. 

Write an Inventory

Before you start your relocation, take inventory of the furniture you own. You need to complete a detailed list of the pieces you’re taking to your new home. It’s important to make a list to plan how you will fit each item inside the truck.

Insurance When You Move Furniture Across the Country

After taking note of all your pieces of furniture, you should consider insuring them. This will help you recover if any mishap occurs during the move.

You can get insurance money if the following happens to your furniture:

  •    Theft
  •    Fire
  •    Vehicular accident

If moving yourself, check to see what your homeowner’s policy might cover and decide if you need to purchase additional insurance for your move.

If you use a professional mover, inquire about their protection plans and determine if those are adequate to cover your possessions.

Disassemble Large Furniture

To save space and safely move furniture pieces to their destination, disassemble large items when possible to avoid damage during transit.

Take apart bed frames and large tables when possible. Wrap headboards, glass table tops and other delicate furniture in blankets or furniture moving pads.

For instance, to disassemble a large dining table, remove its legs, place the screws and bolts in a plastic bag and then tape it to the bottom of the table. Wrap the wooden table legs in furniture pads or blankets and tape those securely.

This technique applies to all your other large furniture, such as a home entertainment unit, bookcase, or chairs.

Disassembling can take time, especially if you have a lot of furniture, but the result will save you from stress.

Protect Your Furniture and Fragile Items

Make sure you have plenty of furniture moving pads or blankets on hand in which to wrap the furniture. Moving blankets can also be used to help slide some of the heavier objects. A hand truck or moving dolly will also come in handy when moving these larger items.

Assembled chairs, cabinets, and bedside tables also need extra care. Wrap these in moving blankets and then in shrink wrap to secure drawers and other moving parts.

Make it a point to place large, delicate items in boxes filled with foam or cover them in bubble wrap. After closing the boxes, make sure to label them as fragile.

Call the Professionals

Moving your furniture is demanding, especially when you own many pieces. Follow these tips to ensure you move successfully and remove any stress about safety.

If you’re still unsure about how to move furniture across the country, contact us to do it for you. We’re trained and certified to get the job done on time, with all your furniture intact.