How to Move with Pets: 10 Tips to Make Your Move Smoother

It’s extra stressful when you are relocating and have a pet with you to bring to your new home. Here are ten tips for how to move with pets when relocating.

1. Make a Veterinarian Appointment

Make sure your pet has up-to-date shots. This is especially important if you are moving out of the country. Some countries will not authorize your pet for release from quarantine unless you have medical papers proving it has the proper shots.

2. Purchase Pet ID Tags

Updated  ID tags are important when you move to a home. People will know where to bring your pets if they get lost outside of your residence.

It will also clearly identify that animal as yours during your relocation. The label will state your name, destination address, and your phone number.

3. Have Your Pet Microchipped

This also aids in getting your lost pet returned to you quicker. Pets tend to not adjust well after moving and may escape your residence. They will not be able to navigate back due to their new surroundings.

Having a microchip avoids a situation where animal control takes your pet to the pound.

If your pet already has a microchip, make sure you contact the microchip registry to update your contact information.

4. Research Laws and Regulations

Different states and countries have their own laws and regulations on pets. Make sure you know them before you move, so you have all your proper paperwork in order.

5. Purchase a Pet Carrier

Your pets will need a carrier to travel in, no matter the mode of transportation to your destination. Make your purchase early so you will not have limited choices when you have little time.

6. Acclimate Your Pet to the Carrier

Animals do not like unfamiliar things, and you don’t want to add unnecessary stress on moving day. Acclimate your pet to their carrier as soon as possible, so they are comfortable with it.

7. Contain Your Pets in a Quiet Room

All the change and commotion of a move is stressful. Contain your pets in a quiet area or at someone else’s house while you are packing and moving things around.

Stress is a component in making pets ill. Make sure they have a safe environment to be in during the move and they’ll stay healthy.

8. Utilize Professional Moving Services

Household movers will not transport your pets, but they will know how to pack up and move everything with as little disruption as possible. This helps keep your pets calm.

9. Prepare in Advance for the Trip

Check in advance with the airline for their rules and regulations if you are flying and checking your pets in the manifest cargo or cabin.

Plan to bring a pet travel kit that includes essentials like food, water, toys, and a first aid kit if you are driving.

10. Bring Favorites to the New Home

Bring your pets’ favorite toys, beds, and blankets to make your new home feel more familiar. Try to keep things as close to how they were before, so they are not too shocked by the change.

Move With Pets Efficiently

Create the best conditions for your pets to minimize stress by knowing how to move with pets. You will have a smooth and successful move with adequate preparation.

Get in touch with us if you need a professional mover to handle the rest.