Moving boxes stacked with tape gun sitting on top.

Got Pests? Leave Them Behind During a Move

Pests like mice, cockroaches, ants, and more can be tricky to navigate during a move. In addition, rodents and insects are notorious stowaways and can hide in just about anything when you make a household move. Check out a few tips to help you leave those pests behind.

Inspect All Boxes and Containers Before Packing

As you pack, you must open and examine every package, box, or container before you place it in a box. For example, mice are very smart about stowing away and will hide in storage boxes you don’t inspect. Likewise, insects will hang out in food containers like cereal boxes.

Make Use of Natural Pest Deterrents

Pests shy away from certain natural substances. Deter ants with peppermint oil, and use cedar oil or rosemary oil to repel cockroaches. Check out what works as a deterrent for the type of pests you try to leave behind. If you have issues with ants, adding a few drops of peppermint oil to each box may help keep the ants out of the box.

Move Packed Boxes Out of the House Immediately

Packing while also trying to avoid pests will take longer than usual. Not only do you have to be careful and examine everything while you pack, but it will also be essential to move packed boxes out of the house as soon as possible. If you cannot immediately relocate a packed box from home, take extra steps to seal off the cartons. For example, instead of just taping along one seam of the box’s top flaps, tape along all the seams to keep pests from climbing inside.

Watch Out for Hiding Places in Appliances and Furniture

Appliances and furniture are notorious hiding places for many types of pests. For example, cockroaches are attracted to heat and moisture, so they often hang out around the condenser motor on your refrigerator. Likewise, mice nest in hidden cavities inside furniture. So, it is common for them to hang out behind dresser drawers. Keep these things in mind while preparing larger pieces for the move. Disassembly and cleaning to eradicate any pests may be necessary.

Talk to an Exterminator

An ideal way to avoid taking pests with you during a move is to work with an exterminator several weeks before moving day. Pest eradication can take some time, especially when dealing with a large infestation or certain hard-to-reach pests like rodents or cockroaches. The more problems you can get out of the house, the less likely you will take them with you when you leave.

Need Help from Residential Movers?

Pests and a move can be tricky to contend with simultaneously, but having a team of professionals to help with the heavy lifting can make a difference. Contact us for a quote for your upcoming residential move today.