Getting to Know Your New Neighbors

Moving to an unfamiliar territory where you don’t know anyone else can be a great adventure, but also scary. When it’s just you and your family, you may feel alone.

Back in the old days, everyone knew their neighbors. There were block parties and dinner parties hosted by those in the same neighborhood.

Nowadays, a third of Americans have never interacted with their neighbors. We don’t bother to go next door and introduce ourselves anymore.

When we do, it leads to a more pleasant life. We have a few tips on getting to know your neighbors. Use them to make the most out of your new experience.

Take a look.

Write a Handwritten Note

For those of you that don’t consider yourselves extroverts, it may be hard to muster up the courage to introduce yourself to new neighbors. To avoid awkward silences, consider a handwritten note.

This is an excellent way to say “hello” and start a conversation. Mention where you moved from, or that you have dogs as well.

This also creates an opportunity for them to reach out to you. You’ve done the work by writing the note; now it’s their turn to follow up with a note or perhaps even in person.

Take a Walk

After taking the time to unpack, go out and explore your new neighborhood. While you’re taking in the new scenery, you’re bound to run into at least a couple of your neighbors.

You will not only benefit from the physical exercise but also improve your mental health as you get to know your neighbors.

If you want to run into your new neighbors casually, the weekends are the best time. This is when most everyone is off work and kids are home from school.

Choose an Appropriate Time

When you’re in a rush, it is hard to keep up with a conversation. To be respectful and not disruptive, pick a time when your neighbors aren’t busy.

As said above, the weekends are best. People are more relaxed and will be open to small talk. When you see neighbors working in their yard or hanging out on their porches, you should feel free to start a conversation.

Introduce yourself within the first month of moving. This will provide peace of mind and show your neighbors that you are friendly and open to conversation.

Host a Small Get-Together

A simple party is a great way to break the ice. It is also a great way to meet more than one neighbor at a time.

Offer everyone the opportunity to relax with drinks and enjoy great food. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy—if you have beverages and snacks, they will come!

Also, don’t limit yourself to your home. Pitch the idea of a block party and get everyone involved. This way, you won’t have to shoulder the pressure of entertaining all the new guests.

Wrapping up on Getting to Know Your Neighbors

Meeting new people can seem scary at first. But once you start exploring your new neighborhood, it’ll become more comfortable. And, you’ll make new friends!

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