Unigroup Migration Study: More People Moving Out of the Northeast Than Moving In

The United Van Lines 43rd Annual National Movers Study is out. For 2019, New York experienced significantly more people migrating out of the state than coming in. 63% of New York’s interstate movers left the Empire State and roughly 37% of all interstate movers moved in.

The majority of inbound movers cited job opportunities as the primary reason for moving to Texas. The number of people who cited moving for family was in a close second. Middle-aged and retirement-aged movers were most common.

Connecticut experienced nearly identical migration numbers with 63% of movers leaving, mostly for jobs and family, and 37% of interstate movers coming into the state.

Massachusetts, on the other hand, was much more balanced. Only 55% of all interstate movers were leaving the state and 45% were moving in. Job opportunities were the most common reasons movers came to Massachusetts and retirees were the most common group of outbound movers.

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