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William B. Meyer, Inc.’s Household Goods Business Line Exceeds Expectations

William B. Meyer, Inc.’s household goods business line will have a lot to celebrate as it winds down from a busy summer. Already, this group, comprised of local and interstate residential moves, OA / DA business, national accounts, and international relocation moves,  is exceeding its projected revenue for the first half of 2013. Different reasons account for MEYER’s various successes within the line, but all speak to both the necessity of quality services, and of the improved strength of the housing market.

MEYER’s residential moving services are comprised of local and interstate relocations. In recent years, this business line has slowed, as the real-estate market suffered; people were more reluctant to move. However, the market has begun to rebound nationwide. According to Joel Schoen, correspondent for CNN, “New home sales rose 8.3 percent in July, as builders reported continued strong increases in foot traffic. That put the pace of June sales nearly 40 percent above the same month last year.”  With new homes come more moves. MEYER saw an opportunity in this upswing, moved quickly, and successfully. MEYER recognized a 24 percent revenue increase over what it expected for this quarter. Tom Gillon, Jr. General Manager for William B. Meyer, Inc.’s Household Goods business line elaborates, “There has been a general uptick in the real estate market. People are more willing to move, and more willing to invest in services such as ours. We made sure to use our all of our resources by capitalizing on tools like our leads and quotes generator to provide the best service we could to as many customers as possible.”

The true standout is MEYER International Relocation business line. In the first half of 2013, this group has surged, bringing in 108 percent over its expected intake. While market trends certainly account for a portion of this, more people are moving and accepting positions abroad, a lot of it can also be attributed to William B. Meyer, Inc.’s increased capabilities. Chad Francis, International Move Manager for William B. Meyer, Inc.’s international relocation line strongly believes that MEYER’s service offerings are appealing, “People are beginning to recognize the capabilities that we offer in international relocation. We have improved our warehousing space, and brought on more crews to continue growing this line of business.” Gillon believes that our increased capacities are part of the reason, but he also believes that our international move managers deserve some credit, “MEYER’s managers bring expertise in freight forwarding services. They do a good job of conveying MEYER’s reliability and competency to our partner agents abroad and corporate clients, creating a sense of trust, and establishing good working relationships.” 

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