Environmental and Social Responsibility

William B. Meyer, Inc. has always been well aware of the high environmental cost a residential and corporate relocation and storage business can generate.  As corporate citizens, we have always taken it upon ourselves to implement procedures and practices that exceed local, state, and federal guidelines to become responsible for the natural resources that are required to run our business.  From plans initiated by our employees, to smart partnerships, and executive-level changes in corporate practices, we have developed a two-pronged Green Initiative that reduces our carbon footprint: Energy Management, and Waste Management. To give back and support our local communities in need, we developed the Social Responsibility Initiative.

  • Solar panels are installed at two different warehouse locations. These clean and energy efficient systems supply up to 70% of the warehouse’s energy requirements. We have plans to install even more solar panels in the upcoming years.
  • We incorporate energy efficient T-8 bulbs throughout our offices and warehouses.
  • Our offices and warehouses are designed with strategically placed skylights to maximize the use of natural light over electric. Newer facilities are constructed in accordance with energy-efficient standards.
  • As a UniGroup agent, our trucks are required to be fuel-efficient. A partnership with TransAdvantage grants us access to fuel-saving technology including Auxiliary Power Units, Tire Inflation Systems, and Low Rolling Resistance Tires. We only purchases vehicles that are Certified Clean Idle.
  • We recycle 90% of the corrugated material that enters our facilities. With seven different business lines requiring their use, we recycle tens of thousands of pounds of cardboard every year.
  • We employ re-usable plastic crates in our relocation business lines, reducing the amount of packing material necessary for each project.
  • Through an employee initiative, William B. Meyer, Inc. personnel can turn in used plastic bottles that are collected and sent to an external recycling agency.
  • Secure shredding bins have been placed throughout all of our facilities and offices to allow employees to recycle their paper waste.

William B. Meyer, Inc. securely recycles all of its old electronics. This company accepts our old computers, printers, servers, hardware, hard drives, network cables, and computer accessories. Our electronics never end up in a landfill.

For years William B. Meyer, Inc. has been committed to helping our local community in any way that we can. Here are some of the annual charities we participate in:

  • Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Cycle of Life event
  • Holiday Bear Drive
  • Holiday 5k Run for Toys

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